Maslow-Capped Sleeve Tee

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  • 100% Combed Cotton
  • Original In House Design
  • Capped Sleeve Tee

    The pyramid has many different meanings in many different cultures. We like the use of it in Maslow's hierarchy of needs the most. It gives us a breakdown of what we as humans need to reach our full potential. There are 5 tiers in total.

    • Bottom Tier: Physiological (our most basic needs)-Air, Water, Shelter, Sleep and clothing.
    • Second Tier: Safety-Personal security, Resources, Health, Employment and Property.
    • Third Tier: Love & Belonging-Friendship, Intimacy and Family.
    • Forth Tier: Esteem-Respect, Self Esteem, Status, Recognition, Strength and Freedom.
    • Fifth Tier: Self-actualisation-Desire to become the most you can be.

    Many people struggle to achieve the bottom tier through no fault of their own. We need to help each other, support each other, protect each other. If we do this we all have the potential to reach the top of the pyramid.