Which One's The Fork?-Racer Back Vest

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  • 100% Combed Cotton
  • Original In House Design
  • Low Slung Vest

This T-shirt has a story. Sit back with a cuppa and allow us to explain...

A knife and fork walk into a bar they go up to two chopsticks and the knife asks…

'Soooo which one’s the fork?'

In same sex relationships this happens A LOT! Which one’s the man? Which one’s more feminine and which one’s more masculine? Which one wears the trousers?

We can only assume they are asking this question solely based on the actives and passions we engage in.

The words activity and passion are nouns, they do not have a gender. They are things that we enjoy, pursue and develop in.

This T-shirt is for anyone who doesn’t see their passions in pink or blue.