About Us

The Pink Triangle is an LGBTQ+ focused brand for everyone.

The pink triangle symbol was originally downward-pointing and used by the Nazis to label individuals in the concentration camp who were homosexual, transgender or queer. The birth of this symbol was surrounded by hate, dehumanisation, humiliation and unbelievable violence and suffering.

30 years later The Pink Triangle was revived and turned 180 in some cases literally, by the LGBTQ community. It has since become a symbol of defiance, unity, support and love.

We at The Pink Triangle want to continue to hold this symbol up high and stand by what it represents now, whilst not forgetting why it was created.

We would like to use our brand to bring awareness and support to individuals who are still living in fear from being who they are. Human.

For every item you buy, 10% of profits will go back into the community and to organisations who work tirelessly to ensure as many people as possible get the support and care they need in order to live and flourish being true to who they are.


 The Logo

The triangle in the centre is where we are.

With help of brave individuals, we as a community have come on in leaps and bounds. I personally owe my lifestyle and happiness to members of the LGBT+ community who put their lives on the line because they weren’t afraid to be who they were and were brave enough to fight for the purest statement, love is love.

Thanks to these individuals, I can hold my girlfriends hand in the street, I can post a comment about the love I feel for this woman, I can make her my wife. To the people who fought for this I am eternally grateful, I don’t know who I would be if I couldn’t be me.

The circles around the edge represent the people that are still standing up and speaking out for what is right. Their talk, their boldness, their pride has meant that that the triangle of support and protection has continued to grow.

There are still a lot of people living in real danger for simply loving another human being. We hope, if we keep talking and standing up, the triangle of support and acceptance will continue to expand to the point where it ceases to be necessary as a symbol of defiance, and will become a symbol of proud memory.