Charity Organisations

10% of all our profits go to LGBTQ+ charities. We have chosen to support Opening Door London & Human Dignity Trust who do some truly incredible work for the LGBTQ+ community. For an introduction to both these amazing organisations please keep reading....



Opening Doors London (ODL) is the largest UK charity providing activities, events, information and support services specifically for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, non-binary or gender fluid (LGBTQ+) people over 50.

They are a membership organisation providing regular social opportunities and events to help develop networks, communities and create friendships for LGBTQ+ people, aged over 50.

 We offer a range of specialist groups or services for members.

We also offer specialist training for statutory and voluntary organisations, such as care homes, housing associations and hospitals, to help them understand the needs of older LGBTQ+ people.

 Membership is FREE and open to anyone who:

  • Is over 50
  • Identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, non-binary, gender-fluid

Members receive a monthly newsletter packed with information and listings for activities and events to help build support, social inclusion and be part of LGBTQ+ life. Your information will never be given to anyone else.

Opening Doors London is here to support LGBTQ+ people over 50 to live full, vibrant and respected lives free from isolation, loneliness, discrimination and prejudice.

ODL is here to let LGBTQ+ people over 50 know they are not alone.


For more information please visit their website.



The Human Dignity Trust envisions a world in which LGBT people are free to live their authentic lives without fear of prosecution and persecution.

They are the only organisation working globally to challenge and eradicate laws that criminalise LGBT people and related repressive governmental actions that are justified on the basis of the criminal law.

There are still over 70 jurisdictions around the world that make it a criminal offence to engage in consensual sexual conduct with a person of the same sex. Often these discriminatory laws are a legacy of British colonial penal codes written in the 19th century.

Working with a network of 25 of the world’s largest law firms and leading UK and international human rights barristers, the Human Dignity Trust’s team of lawyers, researchers and communications specialists work with LGBT activists and courageous lawyers across the world to bring the number of criminalising countries down.

For more information please visit their website.