How will my order be delivered to me?
The are a couple of different delivery options. All options and prices can be found on our delivery page.
How will I know if order is placed successfully?
Once you have placed your order you will see a completion of purchase page appear on the screen. You will also receive a conformation of order email will your order number in your inbox in a jiffy.
How do I know when my items have been shipped?
As soon as we dispatch your item you will receive an email to let you know your order is on its way. You may want to sit down when you receive this email, the joy has been known to cause light headedness.
Will buying TPT clothing bring all the boys to my yard?
There has been no certified evidence to back this statement. However we're pretty sure it will!
Do you allow exchanges?
Yes we do. Please visit our refunds page for further details.
What are the shipping charges?
All the shipping charge details can be found on our delivery page.
What is the significance of a Pink Triangle?
It was a symbol originally used for humiliation and dehumanisation of the LGBTQ+ community by the Nazis in World War 2. 30 years later It was turned into a symbol of of defiance and pride by the LGBTQ+ community, a community we are proud to be part of and support. For more information, please visit our About Us page.
Do 10% of all profits really go to charity?
Yes indeed. 10% of all profits goes back to LGBTQ charity organisations. These charities work tirelessly to provide individuals within the LGBTQ+ community with advice, safety and support. It's thanks to you choosing to shop with us that we are able to give money back to the people that need it the most, so thank you very much indeed :).
There is no FAQ here to answer my question. Am i doomed to a life of unanswered questions?
Fear not my quizzical friend! If you have a question and we have not provided the answer please just email One of the team will come back to you as soon as possible to put your mind at ease.