BYOB (Be Your Own Beautiful) Sweatshirt

Size :

Embroidered Soft Touch Cotton Sweatshirt

Original In House Design


S-To fot 37 inch Chest-UK 8-10

M-To fit 40 Inch Chest-UK 12-14

L-To fit 43 inch chest-UK 14-16

XL-To fit 46 inch chest-UK 16-18

XXL-To fit 50 inch chest-UK 18-20

BYOB-Be Your Own Beautiful! A statement we think everyone can get behind and a statement we have heard more and more from talking to the transgender community. This design pays tribute to those conversations and this beautiful mantra.

There is an expectation to look a certain way depending on how you identify. This comes from both outside and inside the community. We all have a part to play in removing those expectations and assuming that people must look a certain way based on how they identify.

We used braille in this design to further emphasise this. When you take away the power of sight, you have to use all your other senses in order to form a picture. We owe it to ourselves and others to look beyond the surface.

This might be a tribute to the transgender community, but everyone regardless of how you identify, who you love or who you are deserves to have the love and support around them to be their own beautiful.

Wear this design with pride our lovelies, you are perfect!