Freedom-Standard Fit Vest

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  • 100% Combed Cotton
  • Original In House Design
  • Classic Tee

    FREEDOM! A one two-syllable word, that conjures up an infinite number of positive images. Images of hope, love and equality across the entire human race. So powerful is this word that it was the last spoken by William Wallace in the face of an enemy who sought to curtail the right to freedom for himself and his people…or so Mel Gibson would have you believe J. Whether or not Mel’s facts are correct, there is no denying the sentiment.

    Freedom is a right that all human beings deserve. A right that is constantly being fought for and a right that once people have it, nothing but good things can happen.

    We should all be constantly striving for freedom, not just for ourselves but also for the freedom of others in allowing them to embrace their true selves. If we all do this, the possibilities will be endless and beautiful for all.